Top gainer makes record $1.69 mil profit at Watermark Robertson Quay

A unit sold on May 2 at Watermark Robertson Quay, on Rodyk Street in prime District 9, made the top gain of $1.69 million in the week of April 30 to May 7, according to caveats. The 1,884 sq ft, four-bedroom unit on the third floor was purchased for $1.51 million ($803 psf) in October 2005, and sold for $3.2 million ($1,699 psf). The seller reaped a 112% profit, or an annualised profit of 6% over 13.5 years.
This sale saw the all-time highest resale profit at Watermark Robertson Quay, and is also the fifth of six resale transactions there this year. The second-highest gain at the development was made by the seller of a 2,056 sq ft, three-bedroom penthouse unit. The 10th-floor unit was bought for $1.468 million ($714 psf) in May 2005 and sold for $3.1 million ($1,508 psf) in December 2012, netting the seller a 111% profit of $1.632 million over 7.6 years.