Where would The Avengers live in Singapore?

With a sad-ending on the Avengers: End Game where Tony Stark was killed during the war with Thanos. Is there a possibility that he might revive? Imagine a scenario if he comes back and the Avengers moved to Singapore because it is one of the safest countries in the world. Where would they stay and how would their life be?


In the Iron Man films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark owns a huge seaside mansion set on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
For this reason, we think Pepper Potts and Tony Stark would live in a bungalow detached house in Sentosa Cove for its size, futuristic designs and most importantly, ocean views. Beside's that, they definitely need the space for their technology development projects.
Here are the landed properties he can find in Sentosa Cove:
Coral Island for sale from $1,495.30 psf (land)
Ocean Drive for sale from $2,125.53 psf (land)
Cove Drive for sale from $1,930.15 psf (land)
Paradise Island for sale from $1,402.44 psf (land)
Lakeshore View for sale from $2,009.52 psf (land)



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